Maplewood Women's Golf Association

4050 Maple Valley Highway
Renton, WA 98058

General Announcements

Membership dues can be paid anytime now. There are now three ways you can pay. 

(1). Click on the Membership Form link at left to print a form.
Information for where to send your $70 check, payable to Maplewood Women's golf, is on the form.
(2). You can also pick up a Membership Dues Envelope at the Pro Shop and deposit it in the Ladies slot at the tall cabinet.
---- OR ----
(3). You can pay through a service provided by the WSGA. They charge a service fee of $5, but you can pay with a credit card.
Click on: WSGA to pay via the website

The Directories will be available the first of April.

The Pro Shop and the Restaurant continue to provide our members with wonderful coupon offers. Once your dues have been paid, you can pick up your Pro Shop coupons. Restaurant coupons will be emailed to paid members and redeemable using a Smart Phone. For those without a Smart Phone, an alternative method for redemption will be available. The printed coupons will be located in the locked drawer of the Women's club along with a list of paid members. Anyone with a key will be able to help you. That includes, Captain Nancy Connolly, Treasurer Peggy Brown, Handicap Chair Audrey Campbell, and Club Pro Mike Toll. Just grab anyone of these people and they will help you.

2017 Discount Coupons valued at $75+ value, include:
  • Free Round Mon-Fri through 2017, may also be used any day Nov & Dec, up to $35 value. Not valid on holidays, other restrictions apply
  • 5 free warm up buckets - $15 value
  • 15% off Merchandise or 20% if Book money used - restrictions apply
  • 2 - $10 Off Dinner Entree coupons - restrictions apply
  • $5 off any Appetizer, restrictions apply
  • 50% of any Pitcher of Beer, restrictions apply

Board & Committee Members

Board Members
Captain Nancy Connolly
Co-Captain Nancy Fiala
Secretary Sandy Perenchio
Treasurer Peggy Brown
State Trustee June Perryman
City Representative Lisa Noble
Handicap Chair Audrey Campbell
Rules Chairs Janet Dobrowolski
Team Captain Karen Sharp
Past Captain Sonja Gunderson
Weekly Competition Chair Ada Sheen
Major Competition Chair Susie Till
Rose Wagenman
Off-Board Chairs
Birdies Reno Berge
Directory Janet Dobrowolski
Mentor Barb Swenson
Newsletter Vacant
Parliamentarian Jane Stark
PNGA Representative Kren Maguire
Season long ECCI Caryn Frey
Social Rose Wagenman
Sunshine Jeannie Green-Crook
Website Janet Dobrowolski

Maplewood Women's Golf Club
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