Maplewood Women's Golf Association

4050 Maple Valley Highway
Renton, WA 98058

Constitution of the
Maplewood Women's Golf Association

The name of this club shall be the Maplewood Women's Golf Association. It is operated as a non-profit organization at 4050 Maple Valley Highway, Renton, County of King, State of Washington.
The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the interest of golf among women, to hold regular golf competitions, to hold tournaments for annual championship, and to conduct social activities for the mutual pleasure and recreation of its membership. (2/11)
Membership of this association shall consist of women who desire to establish a handicap and to play competitively and/or for pleasure and to play tournaments and competitions on Tuesdays. (2/22) The Maplewood Women’s Golf Assn. has a policy of no discrimination. The Ladies’ Club recommends appropriate golf attire on Ladies Club days. Any member whose conduct is prejudicial to the welfare of the club shall have her membership terminated by vote of the Board of Directors. Any woman belonging to multiple golf clubs is eligible to compete in Maple-wood’s Club Championship as long as she meets our club criteria.
The officers of this club shall be Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, State Trustee, and City Representative, to be nominated as prescribed in the By-Laws. (2/99)
Members of the Board of Directors shall include the Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, State Trustee, City Representative, Past Captain, Tournament Chairperson, Weekly Competition Chairperson (2/13), Handicap Chairperson, Team Captain, Rules Chairperson. (2/11)
The Board of Directors shall have such powers and duties as prescribed in the Constitution and By-Laws. The incoming Captain shall appoint those Board members who are not elected officers (2/11).
This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the Association or by an email vote with a 2/3 response. (2/13) Notice of any proposed amendment is to be emailed to club members and posted on the bulletin board of the Women’s Club of the Maplewood Golf Assn. thirty (30) days prior to such a meeting by the secretary. (2/22)
The By-Laws of this organization may be adopted, amended, or rescinded at any regular meeting of the club by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present or by an email vote with a 2/3’s response of the members, provided that notice be emailed to club members and posted on the bulletin board thirty (30) days prior to the meeting by the secretary. (2/22)


  1. Bulletin Board: wherever used in these By-Laws shall mean the board used for posting notices at Maplewood Golf Club
  2. Fiscal Year: wherever used in the By-Laws shall mean the current period of twelve (12) months between January 1 and December 31
  3. Quorum: a majority of all paid members present will constitute a quorum of this organization
  4. Majority: more than half of the votes cast, ignoring blanks, at a legal meeting where a quorum is present.
  5. Voting: Voting by the Board members or the General members shall be conducted by physical vote at a scheduled meeting, an e-mail vote or phone response. The voting method of each vote will be determined by the Board. Only members who have paid their dues are eligible to vote. (2/11)

Regular meetings shall be scheduled by the Board. Special meetings shall be called by the Captain. The General Meeting of members shall be held the second week of February and the Annual Meeting of members shall be held the second week of November. (2/11)

Notice of all meetings shall be posted on the bulletin board and by email one week prior to the date of the meeting by the secretary. (2/13)

Officers of the club shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall be elected by a majority of votes cast.

  1. The Captain shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committee chairpersons, sign warrants in the absence of the treasurer, review a monthly summary of warrants provided by the treasurs, and take care of all business of the club not assigned to other officers. (2/22)
  2. The Co-Captain shall perform the duties of the Captain in her absence. If the office of the Captain should become vacant, the Co-Captain shall become Captain. The Co-Captain shall assume the position of Captain the following year. (2/11)
  3. The Secretary shall notify the General Membership of meetings (2/11) and keep a record of the minutes of all meetings of the Club and conduct the Club correspondence. A copy of all meeting minutes shall be provided to the Board of Directors members and a copy of all General Meeting minutes shall be posted on the bulletin board and by email. (2/13)
  4. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the club, shall keep a record of all collections and disbursements, shall collect dues, sign all warrants, and email a monthly summary of warrants to the Captain. (2/22) She shall keep a roster of the Club members. She shall keep a roster of the Club members.
  5. The State Trustee and City Rep. shall be able to attend all Board meetings and all meetings of their respective organizations, reporting all business transactions back to the club.
  6. The Tournament Chair shall be responsible to the Captain for planning and conducting all club major tournaments. She will prepare a schedule of events for the season and present it to the Captain for approval, post the competition sheets on the bulletin board, have engraving done for all plaques, and select and purchase trophies for Most Improved and Club Champion. (2/22)
  7. The Weekly Competition Chair shall be responsible to the Captain for planning and conducting all club weekly competitions and minor tournaments. She will prepare a schedule of events for the season and present it to the Captain for approval and post the weekly competition sheets in the book. (2/22)
  8. The Handicap Chair shall be in charge of monitoring and updating the GHIN handicap system and assisting new members in the use of the GHIN handicap system. (2/22)
  9. The Team Captain shall organize teams consisting of six (6) members that have met the eligibility requirements of the GSWPGA, ascertain if handicaps are current, and inform team members of where and when they play.
  10. The Rules Chair shall be in charge of reviewing local rules, working with the Golf Pro and keeping membership informed on all USGA rules. The Chair shall determine when to use summer rules and preferred lies. (2/22)
  11. The Rules Committee shall be established, consisting of the Golf Pro, Tournament Chair and the Rules Chair for all major Tournaments. They will provide final authority on all questions and disagreements. (2/11)
  12. The Auditor, appointed by the Captain, shall audit the financial accounts of the club once a year.
  1. The dues of the club will be voted upon by the membership at the November Annual Meeting. Dues will include amounts for General Fund, Weekly Competition, GHIN, and Hole-in-One Insurance. The GHIN portion will match the amount due to WA Golf. (2/23) Dues cover membership from January 1 - December 31. (2/22)
  2. Any person becoming a new member of the club after September 1 shall only pay the GHIN dues and Hole-in-One Insurance amounts for the balance of the fiscal year.
  3. No member shall be eligible to vote at any meeting whose dues are in arrears or has not paid a full annual membership. (2/22)
  4. The Hole-in-One Insurance shall maintain a $500 balance. Any excess or deficit will be transferred to or from the General Fund at (2/11) year end in order to maintain this balance. (11/95)

The funds of this club shall be used for competitive golf, the promotion of golf and good sportsmanship, trophies and entertainment.

Officers of this organization shall be elected at each annual fall meeting for terms of one year with the exception of the Co-Captain who will assume the position of Captain the following year. (2/11) State Trustee shall be elected for a two-year term on each odd-numbered year. City Representative shall be elected for a two-year term on each even-numbered year. (2/09)

Thirty days before the date of the annual meeting, the Captain shall appoint a committee who shall place in nomination at the next annual meeting at least one nominee for each elective office to be filled. (2/11) The Captain shall, within one week after appointing the Nomination Committee, email club members and post on the bulletin board the names of the members of said committee. The Nominating Committee shall, at least one week prior to the annual meeting, email club members and post on the bulletin board the names of all nominees. (2/22)

In addition to the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee, further nominations shall be in order from the floor. (2/22)

The election of officers, State Trustee or City Representative shall be by written ballot. However, if only one person is nominated for any office, the presiding officer may instruct the Secretary to cast a unanimous ballot for such nominee. Election shall depend on a majority of members present.


Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority on all matters not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization.

DUTIES OF THE PARLIAMENTARIAN:  "It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to advise the presiding officer (Captain) on points of Parliamentary law and also give similar advice to the organization and the Board of Directors when they request it." (Robert's Parliamentary Law)

All playing and tournament rules adopted by the club on motion or otherwise shall automatically be adopted on the date of a Annual meeting. (2/13)

General Playing and Tournament Rules


  1. Only paid-up members are eligible to play in competition. Dues are for fiscal year January through December.
  2. An established handicap is required to enter weekly & mid-week competition and Maplewood tournaments. A new member, without a handicap, may establish one by turning in three (3) 18-hole rounds (or the equivalent using combined 9-hole rounds) played on any course with a USGA Course and Slope rating during an active season at the course. (3/20)
  3. To be eligible for Club Championship a member must submit a minimum of the equivelant of seven (7) 18-hole scorecards from Maplewood dated from after the prior year Championship to the current year Championship. (10/18) and to be eligible for Most Improved golfer, a member must submit a minimum of the equivelant of ten (10) 18-hole scorecards from Maplewood in the current year. (2/13) The Handicap Chair will verify these requirements. (2/11)
  4. Hole-In-One insurance will apply to any member making a hole-in-one on any USGA sloped and rated golf course during the fiscal year, and shall be governed by the USGA recommendations defining a hole-in-one. The Hole-in-one must be witnessed and the scorecard properly attested by someone in the playing group and turned in to the Ladies Club. (2/14) Members must have paid up dues at the time of the hole-in-one. (2/04) Gold pendants will be awarded to those making a hole-in-one at Maplewood, our home course, and silver pendants awarded to those making a hole-in-one at other USGA sloped and rated courses. (2/11)
  5. Special Needs/Sight Impaired: If the Maplewood Women's Assn. Board deems it necessary, after evaluation of circumstances and majority vote, that a player must use a coach/spotter to assist in identifying the location and line of every golf shot hit, then that player may only participate in competition or tournaments with the assistance of a coach/spotter. The coach/spotter must follow the same rules for a caddie listed in the USGA guidelines. (2/08)
  6. Any woman belonging to multiple golf clubs is eligible to compete in Maplewood's Club Championship as long as she meets our club criteria. (2/11)
Major Competition

  1. Major competition shall be scheduled for Tuesday play except as designated by the Tournament Chairperson. (11/92)
  2. All weekly competition and tournament play shall be limited to a maximum handicap index of 54. (2/20)
  3. A player who defaults in the Club Championship Tournament is automatically out of the Tournament, including consolation and will not be allowed to play with those signed up and eligible. Makeups will not be allowed for tournament play. (2/11)
  4. Major competitions are Spring ECCI, 2 Lady Best Ball, other 2 Lady Tournament, Club Championship, and any additional competitions as designated by the Tournament Chair. (3/18)
  5. Non-major competitions are one-day events, not designated a major, with prizes given the same day. (3/18)
  6. Sign-up sheets are posted on clipboards, with starting times in the Ladies notebook at the Pro Shop.
Weekly Competition

  1. There are two separate competitions, Tuesdays (11/21) - 18 and 9 hole (3/15), except when a special competition is determined by the tournament chair.
  2. Competition fee will be $17.00 per person per year (2/08) to be included with dues, to be disbursed throughout the year and to be deposited on the books at the pro shop.
  3. The break in divisions may be adjusted by the Captain or Co-Captain to equalize them. Three or more must be entered in a division to pay one place. (04)
  4. Up to one third of the field will receive payment, based on four divisions for 18-hole and one division for 9-hole (3/15) Tuesday weekly competition (11/21). Payouts shall be $7 - 1st, $6 - 2nd, $5 - 3rd, $4 4th places. (11/21) In case of ties, money for places involved will be totaled, and divided by the number of places tied. (01) A minimum of $1 will be paid to each player involved. (2/06)
  5. Sign ups for the the Tuesday Ladies Club block of tee times begins on the prior Tuesday. Members may sign up themselves and one other person (2/21)

All competition scorecards must legibly include players' full names, the date of play, and be signed and attested, otherwise they will be DQ'd (Disqualified). (2/11)

1. Weekly competition cards: By placing Tuesday weekly competition cards in the yellow box, you declare yourself in the competition. Players are also expected to "do the math" for the competition for the day (2/21).


1. Starting times for Tuesday morning play only shall be determined at the Spring Board Meeting, and are noted on the monthly directory calendars.

2. Picking Up a Ball Play the ball into the hole! Picking up a ball will be allowed only if a player has reached or surpassed net double bogey (Max handicap score) on a hole and not be DQ'd providing that the hole has no bearing on the competition (2/21).

3. Guest Policy Members may sign up a guest to play with her during weekly Tuesday play, providing the member assist the guest in rules, etiquette, and pace of play. A member signing up with a guest must sign up to play at the end of the field. The member will still be eligible for weekly competition, but not the guest. Bringing a guest is not allowed during tournament play. (2/20)

4. Winnings Money won during Major, Weekly, Pro Shop, City or State competitions will be palced on account with the Pro Phop. Members may use their funds to buy merchandise at the Pro Shop, green fees, carts or range balls. This is done on a monthly basis (2/21).

Maplewood Women's Golf Club
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