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Game Definitions

Best Ball:
Two partners play their own balls, then use the better score of the two.
Better Nine:
Your best score on either the front or the back nine, less 1/2 your handicap.
Bingo Bango Bongo:
Award dots on each hole for: 1st ball on green; closest to pin on approach; 1st in hole (must putt in order of farthest out).
Both players drive; choose one ball to be the ball in play. Alternate shots until ball is holed. There is a 2-stroke penalty if a ball is hit out of turn.
Criss Cross:
Better score of #1 or #10; # 2 or # 11; #3 or #12, etc., less 1/2 your handicap.
Eclectic 9:
Your lowest score on any nine holes of the 18 played, less 1/2 your handicap.
Fairway Shots:
Total score less putts on the green, less 1/2 your handicap.
Each hole is worth 10 points: Lowest net=4, 2nd lowest net = 3, 3rd lowest net = 2, highest net = 1. Highest point total wins.
Your actual score for the 18 holes without subtracting anything for your handicap.
Handicap Stroke Holes:
(See line on score card marked "Handicap.") The #1 handicap hole is considered the hardest. An 18 handicapper receives a stroke on every hole; a 19 handicapper receives two strokes on the #1 handicap hole; a 20 handicapper receives two strokes on #1 handicap hole and the #2 handicap hole, etc.
Before the round starts, circle (in ink) any two holes with different pars to omit from your Tuesday competition score. Subtract your full handicap from your total strokes.
Match Play:
You are matching your score against another person. If handicaps are used, strokes are allotted according to the handicap holes. A match is over when the winning player (or Team) is more holes up than there are holes left to play. 3 and 2, the winner (When a match ends 3 and 2, the winner is 3 holes ahead of the opponent when only 2 holes are left to play.)
Match vs Par:
You play a match between par for the course vs your par. Example: Par on #1 is a 5; you score a 5 with your handicap. You are even with par so you mark "0" on your scorecard below your score. If you scored a 6 with your handicap, you would be down to the par on that hole and you would mark a "-" on your scorecard. If you scored a 4 with your handicap, you would be up to the par on that hole and you would mark a "+". At the end of the match you subtract your "-" from your "+" and record your score as -3 or +4 or 0 or whatever it is. ...
Monthly Medal:
Your score minus your full handicap.In other words, your 18 holes net.
Most Pars:
The number of pars (or better) you score, using your handicap as it falls on each hole.
Mutt & Jeff:
4 shortest holes (2, 6, 12, 14) & the 5 longest holes (5, 7, 10, 11, 15) less 1/2 handicap.
Your score for the 18 holes less your full handicap.
Net + Putts:
Net score and add all putts.
Nine Best Par 4's:
Best 9 scores on par 4's, 1/2 hcp.
Nine Hidden Holes:
After completion of play, the Pro draws 9 holes from a hat. You use your scores on the holes drawn, less 1/2 handicap.
Odd or Even:
Choose all odd or even numbered holes, whichever totals less, and subtract 1/2 your handicap.
Score all holes beginning with o, n, e, or s. Use 1/2 handicap.
Par 4's:
Score all par 4's and subtract 1/2 handicap.
Your par is your net score on each hole. Figure points for each hole as follows: 1 point for bogey, 2 points for par, 3 points for a bird, 4 points for an eagle, 5 points for albatross (3 under par), 6 points for a net zero, and 25 points for a hole-in-one.
Keep track of all putts on the greens .
Red, White & Blue:
Use score from 3 red-flag holes, 3 white, and 3 blue. Subtract 1/2 handicap.
All tee off. Determine which lie is best, and all hit from there, etc. Sometimes partners only.
Sub Par One Hole Each Nine:
Substitute par for your worst hole on each nine, less your full handicap.
Sub Par Three:
Substitute par for your three worst holes, less full handicap.
Switcharoo Best Ball:
Each foursome has an A,B,C,D player. Partners are A & B, C & D for holes 1-6, A & C, B & D for 7-12, A & D, B & C for 13-18. Net better ball score for each partnership is added. Low net total for each individual player is her score.
Count scores for all holes starting with the letters "T" and "F", less 1/2 your handicap.
Count holes starting with T or S, less 1/2 handicap.
Three Blind Mice:
3 holes are ramdomly drawn and revealed afer the round. Everyone's score on these 3 holes are thrown out. The scores are totaled with the remaining 15 holes. Full handicap is used.
Add your handicap to the course par. When you have shot this number of strokes, indicate on your scorecard exactly where this occurred on the course. (i.e., course rating is 71 and your handicap is 20, this totals 91. When you reach 91, you are on fairway 16, 20 feet from the hole.).
Various Pars:
Use your best score on two par 3's, five par 4's, and two par 5's, less 1/2 your handicap.

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