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Mentor Tips

  1. Before you Play:
    • Check in at the Pro Shop counter 45 minutes - 1 hour prior to your tee-time. (Allows time to do the following)
      • Check in & pay at the Pro Shop (if someone in an earlier Tee-time has cancelled you could move up to fill that Tee-time)
      • Sign up for Pro Shop Competition (optional - $2.00) (Keep a separate score card for this competition). Post the scores of everyone in your foursome that are in the Pro Shop competition on the competition sheet & clip the signed & attested score card to the clip board. (Player keeping all scores should do this)
      • Sign up for the following week if Tee-times are not drawn. This book will be on the tall cabinet next to the computer desk, opened to the sign up sheet. (Sheet will be dated and competition identified for that date).
      • Sign up for Ladies Club Competition (when qualified) after having turned in 5 score cards. This book will also be on the cabinet with the Tee-time book, opened up with the sign up page dated and competition identified for that date.
      • 1st Tee - Be on deck - when the group ahead of you is teeing off or when your group is called to the tee by the Pro Shop.
  2. Between 9's stops -- keep to a maximum of 4 minutes
  3. After your Round:
    • Date, sign and attest all score cards with names (first and last) of each player in the foursome. Place scorecard in the "New Members" card only box located on the tall cabinet, right of the computer. After turning in 5 Maplewood scorecards, you qualify for Ladies Club Competition. Handicap Chairperson (Pearl Martin) will enter scores of New Members into the Ghin System, once you have been assigned a local # and GHIN# and after you have 5 cards posted, you enter your own scores.
    • Posting Scores & Competition - Ladies Club Competition - Enter your foursome scores on the competition sheet (Tuesday Competition Blue Book) then place the score card in the front pocket of the notebook).
      • Each player posts their own score in the computer. (One score card per foursome turned in for competition).
      • All tournament scores are to be posted with a "T".
    • Birdie Book - (With all the other blue books). If you score a birdie during your Maplewood round, sign your name, the date and the hole # you scored the birdie, on the sheet in the Birdie Book. If more than one birdie is scored during your round enter each one on separate lines with the above information.
  4. Anytime before or after your round, or when you stop by the course:
    • Check all (BLUE) books on the right side of the computer desk for: City tournament book, State tournament book, Invitational book, and handicap book which is used to verify your handicap once you have established one. Once qualified for City and State tournaments you will sign up on the sheet provided in the appropriate book.
    • Check the bulletin board behind the computer for Pro Shop winners, Ladies Club Information weekly competition winners, City and State winners, team sign up and status sheets and financial information).
    • Check the Easel in left corner of Pro Shop for information and Maplewood Ladies tournament sign-up sheets.
  5. Miscellaneous Information
    • Rules - Hope to have a meeting on this by mid-April. If there are questions not resolved while playing, address with the rules people (Audrey & Kren) after you finish playing.
    • READ and become familiar with the Women's Club Directory (available to Club members first of April). The directories will be in the bottom shelf of the cabinet just left of the tall cabinet. ) or in the bottom of the tall Cabinet.
      • Information in the Directory: Calendar, explains competitions, requirements for qualifying, identifies tournaments, explains dues and lists all members of the Ladies Club with home and e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other important information pertaining to the Club.
    • TOURNAMENTS AND NOTIFICATION - The tournament chairs will put tournament sign up sheets up on the easel (left corner of the Pro Shop) 3 weeks prior to the tournament. Tues prior to the tournament the sheet will be removed and the tournament chairs will assign foursomes and Tee-times and will notify via e-mail or telecom everyone of their Tee-times and foursome by Sunday afternoon (before Tuesdays tournament). You can call the Pro Shop Sunday evening and after to ask for your tee-time.
    • WHOOPS - If you have entered an incorrect score in the computer, fill out a line on the WHOOPS sheets identifying correction to be made and the handicap Chair (Pearl Martin) will make the correction.
      • WHOOPS sheets are located on the clip board and stored with the Blue books.
    • TEAM - Anyone with a GHIN Handicap (for new members, after the 5 Maplewood scorecards are submitted) can sign up on the Team sign up sheet if they are available on the date specified, & meet the Eligibility Requirements of the GSWPGA (4 club competition cards during the 2 months prior to the Team match & 1 home course competition 30 days prior to each team match thereafter).
      • The Team Captain will notify the 6 lowest handicap players that they will play the Team Match prior to the Match.
Questions : See - Barb Swenson
Revised March 1, 2014

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